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MoPao3S Metallographic Specimen Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine

1. Application:

Model MoPao 3S metallographic specimen automatic grinding and polishing machine complies with international standard, and it is new generation bench type double disks automatic grinding and polishing machine produced with advanced technology. It features automatic for specimen preparation process.

The machine is of liquid cooling device and scour nozzle, it can cool the specimen during cutting to prevent damaging the metallographic structure because of cutting heating, and at the same time it can scour the abrasive grain away with the cooling liquid.

The machine shell is made of fiber reinforced plastic, and equipped with stainless steel parts, all these make the machine appearance beautiful and exquisite, also it raises the performance of antisepsis and antirust and easy to clean.

The machine suits the whole automatic preparation process from rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing to final fine polishing. It is the necessary and ideal sample preparation apparatus for enterprise, science research unit and lab of junior college academy.

The machine combines several different machine functions in one, it can do pre-grinding process, fine grinding process and fine polishing process, so it saves different equipment cost.

The machine adopts special converter to adjust the rotating speed, it has two rank fixing rotating speed and stepless adjustable rotating speed. Two rank fixing rotating speed of 150rpm and 300rpm is for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. Stepless adjustable speed from 50rpm to 1000rpm is for advance user self setting based on needing to complete automatic sample preparation.

2. Main characters:

Clockwise and anti-clockwise working disk rotating selection

Working disk quick changeable character

Multi-specimen holder

Pneumatic single specimen loading

Abrasive suspension automatic dispatching

Achieving rotating speed stepless adjusting for grinding & polishing head and working disk by adopting advanced micro-processing control system

Direct-viewing and convenient setting for loading force and rotating time

Completing the whole grinding and polishing working procedure only by change grinding disk, or polishing disk, or abrasive paper, or textile.

Enhancing the rigidity by adopting casting aluminum foundation base

Characters of rotating stability, safety reliability and low noise

3. Grinding and polishing head specification:

The shaft of grinding and polishing head can be set within 50 and 100rpm.

Pneumatic driving load, individual specimen loading, once time for 6pcs. specimen.

Standard specimen dia.30mm for 6 pcs. (other size is customized, like 22mm, 45mm and so on)

Loading range: 5-60N

4. Main specifications:


MoPao 3S

grinding disc diameter

203mm(can be customized phi 250mm)

grinding disc speed(stepless)

50-1000r/min150r/min 300r/min(two speed)

sample preparation time

0-9999 seconds(S)

loading range

5-60 newton(N)

grinding head speed

50-100r/min (stepless)

sample diameter

phi 30mm(can be customized phi 22mm and 45mm)

input voltage

AC220V single-phase 50HZ

Net weight


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