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Bending Testing Machine

1. Application: 
  Bending testing machine test the material ‘s mechanical properties when is subjected to the   bending load. It is one of the basis test ways of material’s mechanical properties test.

2. Function &features:
1)This machine is the special equipment for reinforcing steel to make plain bending test forward and   reverse. 
2)Widely used in metallurgy, machine building industry, construction supervision, technical and     quality supervision and other units.

3. Main specifications:
1>Item  Technical spec.
2>Bending diam. range of reinforcing steel Φ6-40mm
3>Forward bending angle  Bending angle from 0° to 180°
4>Reverse bending angle Bending angle from 0° to 25°
5>Rotating speed of working table ≤3.7r/min
6>Distance between the center of two rolls 165mm
7>Diameter of the working table  Φ580mm
8>Motor power 1.5kw
9>Standard bending accessory 1 set
10>Dimension  1200×1000×960(mm)
11>Weight 1600kg
12>power supply Three-phase 380V 1.5KW